19 Dec 2012


Alhamdulillah thanks Allah for blessing all my hardworks. Thanks mak ayah , family members , teachers , friends , brothers and sisters. Thanks a lot !

Congratulations to :

(proudly click their names to go to their Facebook page.)

Me myself ofcourse! teheee
Nik Zaim Syafiq 

and Apam & Kawan-Kawan (my batch punya group) and everyone!
heheh Congratulations 4th Batch MRSM Kepala Batas. We've done our very best !
Common guys add them up . Let be friend with those super brilliant and genius and awesome people of mine.

Thanks a lot to kawan kawan sebab tunjuk ajar , thanks kak patra (click here to visit her blog) for always supporting me. and a very very very big thanks to Zaim sebab always woke me up tetiap pagi on 4am suruh i belajaaaaa hahah muchas gracias everyone!

Thankyou nontheless for all your warm wishes may Allah SWT rewards your kindness! Muah

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