6 May 2012

Kawan baik aku

 A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same - Elbert Hubbard

2010. Sambutan hari raya maktab

2010. Jom riadah kk haha


2011. Activity week.

2011. Majlis penutup hari asrama


2011. Please look at the bracelets :D


2011. UNGA

2011. Activity week sem II

2011. Picnic lunch

2010. Activity week

2012. Puskep


2012. SR's cake from Cikgu Ras and Ain.

2012. Anugerah Pengetua

2012. Ain's firt handmade

Ain's card since 2010 till 2012
Thankyou for everything Ain . even we're not like those two years past but my love for you just never change. thankyou for your effort to make those origamies . and all the gifts you gave me since we started to be friend. bracelet , two shawls , cards , letters , cake and all. thanks a lot. Love you muah muah

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